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Inoculated Agorwood

Wounding Agarwood and Other Methods of Induction

The pricey agarwood is produced by means of the trees from Aquilaria species. The tree itself has no unique value. However, the resin created whilst the tree is either bodily wounded by animals and hearth or populated by bugs or fungi is broadly used for its medical and fragrant properties.

Only a small percentage of Aquilaria timber produce the desired resin. Meanwhile, the herbal Agarwood is more pricey than diamonds. That’s why there are several artificial methods to force the tree to produce the fabric required to create the precious Agarwood oil.

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Induction methods for Agarwood Trees:

  • Traditional Inoculation

The conventional inoculation technique is the simplest. The tree is artificially wounded with the aid of drilling holes. Then the special plastic tubes are located in the drilled hollow to inject rainwater and accumulate the resin produced with the aid of the tree as a manner to heal itself. Sometimes easy nails are simply hammered right into a tree to harm it.

Unfortunately, such technique produces low-great resin. The fragrance isn’t as distinguished and the share of the important oil is small. Besides the low nice, when the conventional approach is used, it takes a rather long time for the precious resin to form. In the satisfactory case, it’s possible to accumulate Agarwood approximately 8 years after the conventional inoculation is done.

Another disadvantage of the physical harm is that, in maximum case, it leads to the eventual demise of a tree.

  • Fungal Inoculation

Fungal inoculation is a brand new and advanced wounding approach that takes much much less time to produce the results. It also involves drilling holes in a tree, however their length is an awful lot smaller than when the traditional wounding is done.

Special spots are chosen to injure the trunk in an effort to offer space for air circulation. The holes themselves aren’t extra than 10 cm deep. About 50 – one hundred holes are drilled in the trunk of a tree about 5 – 7 cm away from each other. Then a few pipes comprised of plastic or natural substances are inserted to maintain the holes open and provide right aeration. The aeration method is used for many extraordinary inoculation methods.

Fungi is injected into the holes in order to stimulate herbal resin production. The best results can be reached by the use of the fungi amassed from every other Agarwood tree.

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  • Chemical inoculation

Chemicals produced in a laboratory can’t stimulate the production of resin. However, they can growth it. Once the initial wounding or fungal inoculation is done, the compounds that don’t permit the wounds to shut and challenge the wellness of the tree cells are inserted into the wound. The chemicals disrupt the normal functioning of the cells and cause the boom of the resin production.

Such chemical compounds are ferrous chloride, sodium bisulfite, NaCl, and etc. They permit the tree to live alive even as the resin formation is increased.


  • Agar – Wit Method

Small holes are drilled within the tree about 50 cm above the ground of the trunk. The inducer is injected into the tree with a special transfusion set. The inducer receives transported during the whole tree, which includes the trunk, roots and branches and leads to the creation of internal wounds. The resin is shaped over the route of several months. The chemical inoculation technique may be used collectively with Agar-wit to stimulate the productions of larger Agarwood amounts.

  • Burning Chisel Drill

Burning Chisel Drilling method, also referred to as BCD, is used to maintain the environmental microbes away from the tree. The holes are drilled from about 1/2 a meter above the floor and move up to the top of the trunk. They are made with burning hot iron drill bit. The holes are created about 15 – 20 cm aside and are sealed with sterile paraffin wax in order to keep the microorganisms from invading the tree.

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